About the Site
Weather Underground of Hong Kong web site (referred as Weather Underground below) is established in 1995 to provide a communication platform between weather enthusiasts and experts. It is the first weather web site in Hong Kong and subsequently becomes a community. Originally the web site was updated twice daily by hands, but now the update is carried out every 10 minutes by computer programs. As Weather Underground is mainly for sharing of interest between weather enthusiasts and experts, please refer to the Hong Kong Observatory for latest weather information and service.

Currently, information in Weather Underground mainly comes from the Hong Kong Observatory, with additional information from other meteorological and research institutions. Weather enthusiasts and experts access the information for comparison and analysis to get a more complete picture of the weather.

Exclusive information includes weather indices (heat index, wind chill, K index, etc.), surface and upper-level SYNOP reports for Hong Kong, upper-level weather maps for east Asia, lightning location and atmospheric electric field map, and map of tropical cyclone forecast tracks by different countries. In addition, there is a discussion forum, weather forecast contest, tropical cyclone forecast contest and quick vote. Weather enthusiasts and experts from various countries gather in the discussion forum to discuss and share ideas on weather, climate and other related topics.

Since establishment, Weather Underground has been interviewed by a number of foreign and local media including:

Television and Radio: CNN International, National Geographic Channel, TVB, ATV, Cable TV, RTHK, Commercial Radio
Newspaper: South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Economic Times, Sing Tao Daily, Wen Wei Po, Apple Daily, Sing Pao
Magazine: English Street (Hong Kong Economic Times), Hi-Tech Weekly (Ming Pao), U-Plus (Breakthrough), Next Magazine

Weather Underground also presents weather talks to Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, Hong Kong Meteorological Society as well as Pui Ching Middle School (Macau). In addition, Weather Underground is the consultant of Hong Kong Joint-School Meteorological Association.

To contact Weather Underground, please e-mail to enquiry@weather.org.hk.